The Munggur Coffeetable

This gorgeous side- or coffee table is made from solid Munggur wood, giving it an authentic and hand made quality appearance. The warm tone of this wood will bring colour and cosy vibes to your living room, bathroom, office or even covered outdoor space.

We recommend to regularly treat your munggur furniture with an oil to prevent any splits or cracks that can develop in the wood.
Spills, dust, or other dirt can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap but let it dry properly.
Note that Munggur responds to temperature change and moisture by expanding or contracting. So it is normal that your items experience movements and cracks, this is a natural occurrence within the fibers of a natural product.


Beschikbaar via nabestelling

Beschikbaar via nabestelling


  • Materiaal: Munggur hout

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Afmetingen 70 × 70 cm
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